Feet / Legs.  - 





Ivana (Rijeka) “Initials of members of my family, which form word SIN as we are all made from sin.”

Sarah (Ottawa) “My tattoo represent a lot for me. First of all , It looks like the bird on the album ”sometimes” of City and Colour , my favorite artist. Second of all , it says : You must follow your heart , which is a part of lyrics of one of his song and it’s something that I wish I did more often.”

Jennika (Gävle, Sweden) “I have diamonds, because they are forever. And in the banners are the album title of my two favorite bands. Arctic Monkeys – Suck it and see & The Hives – Veni Vidi Vicious. Those bands are forever and perfect to me, just like diamonds.

Tattoo Submission: Petra S (Stockholm)  - 


Tattoo Submission: Rachel R (Yakima)  - 


“The text type is Kanji. The symbols stand for “love dream believe.” It is a simplified version of “love all, dream the impossible, and believe in yourself.”

Sides.  - 





Fia (Berlin) “it is my first tattoo.It is the first letter of the name of my uncle.It will give us both strength.

Rachel (Sheffield) “I got this rose tattoo (my first) after a year of thinking about it. To me, it’s quite personal – my Dad has always called me ‘petal’ and I’ve always considered myself an ‘English Rose’, so this piece has a lot of meaning behind it! I feel a tattoo addiction coming on – I’m already planning my next!”

Kali (Portland, OR) ” The lyrics of a very special song to me in my moms handwriting; Wildflowers by Tom Petty”

Tattoo Submission: Denise (Helsigborg)  - 


“Follow your dreams”