Words.  - 





Sophie “I’ve been through a lot in my life and I have been put in very scary situations. Things have worked themselves out and I need to remember to not fear; everything will be OK. :-)”

Fanny A (Piteå)

Martha (Greece) “C’est la vie…The French phrase who expresses this period of my life….”

Tattoo Submission: Emilia (Halmstad, Sweden)  - 


word ‘våga’ (dare) and a small heart – Sometimes you just need a reminder to dare, especially when things get tough. I had a rough break-up, left everything behind and moved to a new country. From my wrist I can see the encouragement whenever I need it.

Tattoo Submission: Blake B (Louisville)  - 

king tut tattoo

Arms.  - 

Heart:Lightning Tattoo1




Zach M (Bloomington)

Lisa (Kalmar) “it represent my mother. She loves butterflies and when I look at this i think of my mum. It also means that the butterfly goes through many things in life and it represents my life to.”

Caner (Duisburg) “it’s a dove, inspired by rene magritte and symbolizing hope & freedom”