Tattoo Submission: Ryan (Chicago)  - 

Photo on 2012-09-27 at 18.23 #2

nothing is better than a star full of skies. the summer triangle. look up.

Tattoo Submission: Karen S (Norway)  - 


The cheshirecat from Alice in Wonderland, because it reminds me of my childhood.

Backs.  - 





Rafaela (São Paulo) “Especially my family, is everything for me.”

Luisa (Columbus, Ohio) “This is my first tattoo! I designed it myself. It’s 3 letters combined in one symbol. S, L and a lower case J (upside down). Those letters are the first letters of my parents’ and my brother’s names. The right side of the L shapes a heart.”

Evelina (Nyköping) “This is a symbole for my favorit Swedish band Kent, i caughtt this confettibird on a consort.”

Tattoo Submission: Tilda K  - 


In march this year my father suddenly passed away. He wasn’t even very old. It was without doubt the worst time of my life.

Wish you were here is the name of a pink floyd album that he gave me on vinyl a few years ago, and the song with the same name is one of the best songs I know.