Tattoo Submission: Kim J (Germany)  - 


This is one of my five tattoos. A tiny heart – Love it a lot.

Feathers.  - 


Photo on 2012-10-23 at 12.31 #2



Anja (Zug) “first tattoo”

Samantha (Newark, Delaware) “Done By Tj Delany at Agaru Tattoo in Delaware”

Johanna (Uppsala, Sverige)

Tattoo Submission: Vivien & Steve (London, UK & Texas, USA)  - 

These are mine and my boyfriend’s unintentionally matching tattoos, both on our wrists. Mine is the small one on the right, his is the left. He’s in the Navy and is based in the Middle East for a year. They keep us anchored to each other whilst we’re living over three thousand miles away from one another.


Tattoo Submission: Eva (Connecticut, USA)  - 


“To live would be an awfully big adventure”
I got it as a beginning to my gap year in between high school and college. It is a reminder to never let my depression get the best of me, and also to take on any adventure that comes my way.

Arms.  - 





Stéven F (Paris) “”Lorsqu’on est heureux à Paris, on peut être heureux n’importe où. Surtout à Paris” L’amouràtrois”

Caroline (Denmark) “En trekant som er et tegn for båndet mellem mig og min to søstre.”

Astrid (Copenhagen) “I got my tattoo in Berlin this summer 2012, It is my sisters name “Alfa Liv” and i chose the name for her, and it means “the first life” And she is what is most important for me and she always comes first in my life.”