Here it is! Best of 2012! You can imagine that choosing the best of 2012 would be impossible, so I went with the tattoos with the most facebook likes. So in no particular order, this is the best of 2012 voted by you guys!

Sara L (Vila Real)

“Always keep love close to your heart.”


Aryane L (Fortaleza, Brazil)

“It means that family will always come first. I did with my mom, aunt and my cousin.”

Anouk K. (Belgium)

Faith T


Lara (Bern)

“Find what you’re not looking for.”


Carin (Stockholm)
“Flying free, but my friends and family keep me safe and anchored.”

IMG_4546 - copia

Paola (Spain)

“Mi vida,un corazon sin terminar. My life, a heart without end.”

maja taattttooo

Maja (Stockholm)

“Tro hopp kärlek.”



“This is only half-finsihed. It’s going to be a marine-food chain (a simple one) when it’s done.
So far, it’s only phytoplankton (a dinoflagellate & a diatom) and one type of zooplankton (a copepod), representing the first two tropic levels.” (I’m a marine biologist)


Mandy-Elaine (Hannover, Germany)

“I have lost my hair and my childhood but i never lose my courage.”