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I've complied a list of questions I've been asked.

Feel free to ask Tattoos and Tattoologist related questions and I'll respond next Sunday on the blog or email me with the subject title 'Question!'

Hey I've seen many tattoos that say "Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt", just wondering if you could tell me what this means? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! It's a quote from Slaughter House 5 by Kurt Vonnegut. I'm currently reading it to try to come up with my own interpretation of it.

What do anchor tattoos mean? They were popular with sailors at first, they symbolise things like completed journeys. But it can also mean things like stability and strong foundations. Like stability in a relationship. I'm sure there are other meanings for anchor tattoos as well.

Hey! I already have one tattoo on my lower back, but are thinking of getting several more. I really like lettering, and I would love to get some thin-lined writing, but I've heard that too thin lines "smudge"/fade after a this right? Yup, it can happen depending on how you age. But it depends on how much your skin stretches, how well you look after your tattoo and other things. (Different people, different changes in skin). The 'smudging' and fading happens due to ageing and skin damage etc.

I am thinking of getting a tattoo on my left wrist. How painful will it be? BTW I already have a tattoo on my right forearm. It's different for everyone. It also depends on your weight, because if you're very thin, you're more likely to feel more pain because of the skin being closer to the bone. The wrist in general would be more painful than the forearm because your skin there is more sensitive. But everyone's experience is different!

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