Tattoo Submission: Ines (Barcelona)  - 


This is Ursa Minor, and represents all those night my fatjer and I spent looking throgh the telescope on my childhood. It also represents all those persones i’ve lost, that are now with the stars.

Tattoo Submission: Hannah (Calgary, Alberta)  - 


I’m a big believer in zodiacs, so I got a Taurus constellation tattoo.

Simple.  - 

simple tattoo simple tattoo 2 simple tattoo 3

unknown, Frida V, Angelica Blick

Tattoo Submission: Carina Blumenau (London)  - 


I wanted to get a simple tattoo that shows my love to my dog Ivy for years now. I decided to go for a simple geometric tattoo because I like small tattoos with clear lines. I love this dog way too much 🙂