Feathers.  - 

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unknown, unknown, Amelia (Cartagena de indias)

Tattoo Submission: Roberta, 20, Venice IT  - 

It’s a line from the song “She looks so perfect” by 5 Seconds of Summer. Since the first time I heard it it got stuck in my head, now I got it tattooed as for me it means “don’t stop, keep going, it’s gonna be okay”.

Tattoo Submission: Emilie Skjold (Copenhagen)  - 


Represents my younger brother. The sun is a symbol for Apollo (the brother in the greek story about Apollo and Artemis) the arrow represents how i will always protect, love and honor him. The “M” is for Malthe (his name).. Apollo and Artemis were siblings – and the story about them is beautiful!

Tattoo Submission: Alejandra (Mexico)  - 


Diamond heart
IG: alexgrz
My boyfriend died yesterday, my heart is broken, but I realized that is stronger than ever, because it is broken in the shape of a diamond.
I got it the same day he died.