Tattoo Submission: Emilie (Copenhagen)  - 


A origami crane for my love of Japan and it’s culture. A symbol of my childhood.

Tattoo Submission: Emilie (Copenhagen)  - 


I have always had a thing for stars and the sun. I got this little tattoo, which makes it up to the viewer to decide which one it should be. And I love that about it.

Tattoo Submission: Bo (Stirling)  - 

As I’m studying abroad, I’m leaving my brother behind in my home country. He’s not only my brother, but my best friend too!

Tattoo Submission: Lucrezia (Milan)  - 


I got this tattoo of a lotus flower because it represents beauty and purity and because it’s my favorite flower.

Tattoo Submission: Hannah (Calgary, Alberta)  - 


I’m a big believer in zodiacs, so I got a Taurus constellation tattoo.