Ida (Sweden)
I love tea and that’s the reason I wanted a teacup as my first tattoo.

Babette (Haarlem, The Netherlands)
This tattoo means love in the Dutch language. It is a reminder to all of those to never build a wall around you because of all your experiences in life. Never forget to love and let other people love you.

Alice (Czech Republic)
It means “This too shall pass” in Czech… I got this to remind me that all that is bad ends so I don’t need to worry so much but also that all that is good ends so I need to enjoy more… 

Tattoo Submission: Ana (Pozega)


IMG_8025compass. my first tattoo..because I’m in love in nature. endless dreamer and explorer.

Tattoo Submission: Cris (Barcelona)


LondonI used to live in London… And since I love that amazing city, I decided to do this tattoo of the London skyline before moving back to Barcelona.

Tattoo Submission: Birgitte (Viborg, Denmark)


image11My first tattoo – i have always loved swallows, they are a symbol of freedom.