Tattoo Submission: Ana Lúcia (Oporto)



These four triangles represent each member of my family and, at the same time, the elements fire, air, water and earth. All together, they symbolize a balanced life.



arm tattoo 3  arm tattoo

arm tattoo 2

Sam Pierce (Murfeesboro)
I have always wanted some sort of shape on my arm, specifically a triangle. I found these. They are glyphs. The left means create, and the right means express.

Madeleine (Gothenburg)
These birds are representing freedom, but mostly they represent my family. There is five of us and our last name is Dufva which means “dove” in english.

Jordy (Sydney)

Tattoo Submission: Viktoria (London)



A deer and lines and dots. Created by myself done by Paul Hill from I am vagabond.
This is the 5th tattoo I got since February. None of my tattoos have a meaning, it is art on skin…my jewellery that I can’t lose, forget or put off.