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unknown, Nanna (Denmark)

Gyri (Stavanger) 
My skull and triangle. They both represent different stages in my life, and have several small stories behind them.

Tattoo Submission: Dom (Toronto)



Simple on both arms. Work done by the lovely Kelly Rothchild.

Tattoo Submission: Stephanie (Minneapolis)



These words are from Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Growing up I read The Chronicles of Narnia with my family and this book in particular held a lot of meaning to me. They are a reminder to have courage in the darkest of times and to have faith that you will get through it.

Tattoo Submission: Bella (NYC)



The Harry Potter books were the first I learned to read cover-to-cover in English. I wasn’t able to read them in order — at the time, my family couldn’t afford to buy me the whole set — so I took them out of our school library (which never had them in stock). Hogwarts was, and still is, my home.

Tattoo Submission: Mille A.



My third tattoo, by Mirja Fenris of Toe Loop in Berlin. I thought about the dotted part myself, and sent it to Mirja, who then added the outer lines. She did the dots so beautifully, and i like the contrast in the dots and the lines. It dons’t really mean anything, but it is my jewellery.