Tattoo Submission: Frida (Copenhagen)  - 


The lioness is my spirit animal, the raven symbolizes my father, who has passed away, and the quote is from Lana del Rey’s monologue in “Ride”.
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Tattoo Submission: Giorgia Levy (Como, Italy)  - 


Tattoo Submission: Sarah Bower (Atlanta)  - 


Psalm 3:3. This verse changed my life and kept me from committing suicide. It’s my first tattoo!

Backs.  - 

back tattooback tattoo 2back tattoo 3

Langley Fox, stylemepretty, Sissel S (Sweden)

Tattoo Submission: Guro (Stavanger)  - 


This is Norwegian mountains. Me and my cousin took it together, and I’m so in love with it.