Tattoo Submission: Josefine (Norrköping)  - 


Tattoo Submission: Hannah (Berlin)  - 


Traditional celtic knot symbolizing the inter-connection of mind, body and spirit, surrounded by a mandala-tattoo. I had in done in Dublin when following in my father’s footsteps. It reminds me of his unbelievable strength and confidence in the hardest times of his and our lifes.

Backs.  - 

back tattoo

back tattoo 2

back tattoo 3

unknown, Shirley N (Copenhagen), Ira (Ukraine)

Backs.  - 

back tattoo 3

back tattoo 2  back tattoo

special way of living, source, Margaux Lonnberg

Tattoo Submission: Olivia Wiktorsson (Barcelona)  - 


“She was free in her wildness” spine tattoo. Symbolises my journey in fulfilling my dreams.

Instagram: @oliviawiktorsson