Birds.  - 

bird tattoo bird tattoo 3bird tattoo 2

Sang Noir, stockholm-streetstyle, Johanna (Västerås, Sweden)

Tattoo Submission: Sonia Ciocan (Bucharest, Romania)  - 

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This is my first tattoo, everybody keeps asking me the meaning behind it, but there isn’t one, I just thought it looked pretty. My boyfriend got a matching one, years after I got mine done

Birds.  - 

bird tattoo swallow tattoo 2 swallow tattoo 3

unknown, Tove, Emma (Finland)

Tattoo Submission: Paula (Bogotá)  - 


I got this tattoo a month after my cousin and sister and best friend died in a car crash, carrying her 6 month old baby inside her. She made 1,000 origami cranes for her wedding and I somehow started stumbling upon them everywhere after her death. I got it so that she’d stay with me beyond her death

Tattoo Submission: Anna (Vancouver)  - 


Two years ago my friend passed away from a rare form of bone cancer. He always use to tell me “carpe diem” meaning, seize the day. Birds symbolize this phrase and swallows represent everlasting friendship and love and they never travel far from the land. He will be with me for the rest of my life.