Sabrina (Sydney)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is a world map with a little paperplane starting its flight in my hometown which I pointed out. Underneath you see the coordinates of the place I am living which my grandpa build. He passed away last year, but this place will always be my hometown and the place which reminds me most of him. I am from Germany living in Sydney atm, but Home is where your heart is. Home is family!




Victoria (Brooklyn, NY)
I chose an antler because I have always considered deer to be my spirit animal, from a very young age. This tattoo will always connect me with nature, and remind me to be gentle, swift, and free.




Nienke (The Netherlands)
I’ve been walking around with the idea of getting this tattoo since I was 16, and I finally got it when I turned 20 two years ago. For me it stands for independence and breaking free from “the good girl” expectations.