Legs.  - 

leg tattoo 3 leg tattoo 2leg tattoo

Luna Lindsay (Fredericton), unknown, unknown

Tattoo Submission: Emma (Herning, Denmark)  - 


My thigh tattoo. I just love geometrical tattoos.
Instagram: Emma__Nees

Tattoo Submission: Lola Boris (Antwerp)  - 


One hand, one body two minds. my best friend and I designed tattoos for eachother, so that we will always have a piece of eachother with us.

Tattoo Submission: Valentina (Miami Beach)  - 


“Om” represents the four divine states of Brahman, love, kindness, compassion and equanimity.

Legs.  - 

leg tattoo 5leg tattoo 6  legs tattoo

unknown, unknown, Alice de Marchin