Tattoo Submission: Emma (Sweden)  - 


For my beautiful family, who always lifts me up.

Tattoo Submission: Jennifer Dise (Gothenburg)  - 


Tattoo Submission: Bree Sarrazijn (Kolsijde)  - 


This tattoo reminds me of my feminism, a strong independant woman. ‘She flies with her own wings’

Tattoo Submission: Stefania (Cerro Maggiore)  - 


“Arrivi tu” = “and then here you come”. A little tattoo i made 3 years ago with my best friend!
The otheres 2 tattoos are for my boyfriend and my family :)
Instagram: @stefffg

Tattoo Submission: Christian (Mexico)  - 


So it is. things will happen as they are suppose to and in the right timing. Acceptance to the things I can’t change and change the ones I can.