“Pain is temporary…”  - 


source: Julia G (Örnsköldsvik, Sweden) http://granath.blogg.se/

“Around the World.”  - 

source: Vincent (Paris)
My tattoo is about my love for travels ans photography. It represents an old aircraft( with a pin up) and a few pictures i took around the world ( the one you can see was taken on the top of the rockfeller center in NYC.On the shoulder ther eis a map of the world.

“While I Breathe…”  - 

source: Nathalie E (Linköping)
While I Breathe I Hope

“Five Thousand Stories.”  - 


source: Parker R (Nashville Tennessee)
A line from a poem by Adam Clay called “As Complete as a Thought Can Be: 16″ It’s about how even though these times are dirty and terrible, theyre the things you end up telling stories about. There the ones who make you who you are.
Font: Scriptina

“Where would we be…”  - 


source: Tamara (Chile)
This is my second tattoo ”Where would we be if we couldn’t dream” is a song of my favourite band