Tattoo Submission: Sarina (Germany)


there is no special meaning behind my tattoo. i just love feathers. the tattoo was made by a friend of mine, she’s so talented!

Tattoo Submission: Emma A (Lakewood, CA)

My tattoo

I decided to get “Be at peace not in pieces ” on the side of my left rib. I had five friends pass away in 2012. Everyone continued to tell me that I needed to be at peace that God was going to take care of them & that I needed to pick up the pieces and start living and loving life again.

Tattoo Submission: Petra (Austria)


nostalgia (spanish, “wanderlust”)
i love to travel and the unkown and the spanish language…
actually, it’s “nostalgia por viajar” in spanish, instead of the “por viajar” i decided to take a paper plane