Rabbit.  - 


source: Alice (Fortaleza, Brazil)

This is my second tattoo, and means a lot to me. As a Alice, I feel like a should have a rabbit somehow. It also represents to keep being faithful to who I am – stay “Alice”. And it also can be read as follow the rabbit, I mean, follow the dream.

“Together…”  - 


·together as one· describes my relationship with my mom

source: Luli G (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Bird and Cat  - 


My second tattoo drawn by my boyfriend ! :-) http://www.flickr.com/photos/maou_/8627831111/in/photostream

source: Maou (Paris)

“May love fill my heart…”  - 


“May love fill my heart and faith rule my soul.”
source: Elizabeta (Malmö)

“Life filled…”  - 


source: Malou (Denmark) www.maloucenholt.blogspot.com