White Ink.  - 


source: Anja (Copenhagen)
Reminds me of my time on Hawaii. The wave represents that i will always have the ocean close to me. I’m a surfer and the sea is my freedom.

Tattoo Submission: Felipe (São Paulo)  - 

Big Fish

Wanderlust.  - 



Wanderlust: An irresistible desire to travel to understand one’s very existence.

source: Txai S (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Petra (Austria) “Spanish”, Kajsa

“Sometimes when you fall…”  - 


source: Yaiza (Spain)

Rabbit.  - 


source: Alice (Fortaleza, Brazil)

This is my second tattoo, and means a lot to me. As a Alice, I feel like a should have a rabbit somehow. It also represents to keep being faithful to who I am – stay “Alice”. And it also can be read as follow the rabbit, I mean, follow the dream.