“Five Thousand Stories.”



source: Parker R (Nashville Tennessee)
A line from a poem by Adam Clay called “As Complete as a Thought Can Be: 16″ It’s about how even though these times are dirty and terrible, theyre the things you end up telling stories about. There the ones who make you who you are.
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“Where would we be…”

My tattoo


source: Tamara (Chile)
This is my second tattoo ”Where would we be if we couldn’t dream” is a song of my favourite band

Tattoo Submission: Lisa R (Malmö)


Skärmavbild 2013-02-28 kl. 15.06.51
Since my little sister is upsest with owls I did this one on my arm. I simply love it!

Tattoo Submission: Anna (Berlin)



“The hardest thing to do is something which is close to nothing” is a sentence Marina Abramovic said in her movie “The artist is prensent”. Watch it :)


Tattoo Submission: Callaway (Victoria, BC)



I’ve been through many struggles in life, but I know now that i can get though anything and i’m not afraid at what life has in store for me. I will always turn my wounds into wisdom.