Tattoo Submission: Aneta (Poland)  - 


“No fear” of losing, happiness..of life!

Tattoo Submission: Anna-Greta (Finland)  - 


My first one. I took it in last may within walk-in friday at Legacy Tattoo, Helsinki. The complete feather makes me remember that I’m always free to go, no-one could ever force me to stay. And the half is for memory of my dead baby – she will always be one part of me.

Tattoo Submission: Amanda E (Sweden)  - 


Two tattoos on My left arm. Cross for believe and the text moon river (song from My favorite movie breakfast at tiffanys)

Tattoo Submission: Evelina (Västerås)  - 


A memorial tattoo on my back

Tattoo Submission: Anna (Munich)  - 


Live. Laugh. Love is just a little memo to myself.. in the ballon is the bavarian flag & the feather has indian designs in it. the birds represent my best friends ‘n family, one of them is pink.. that’s me.