Tattoo Submission: Nadine (Frankfurt, Germany)  - 


Dedicated to my boyfriend, who died in March 2012.

Tattoo Submission: Hanna K (Lidköping)  - 


This is a text from my favourite artist Lars Winnerbäck.
Font: windsong

Tattoo Submission: Laura (Aix en Provence)  - 


Tattoo Submission: Joan F (Groningen)  - 

foto (1)

In honour of my grandmother I have a tattoo of a stupa. When you touch the Buddha inside the stupa, you can make a wish. My grandmother made a wish: If her daughter could feel the pleasure of being a mom. One month later, I came.

Tattoo Submission: Aneta (Poland)  - 


“No fear” of losing, happiness..of life!