Tattoo Submission: Helena (Amsterdam)  - 


Never lose courage (Signerica)

Tattoo Submission: Debora (Argentina)  - 


“I carry your heart..I carry it in my heart”..LLevo tu corazón, lo llevo en mi corazon..
Para aquellos que se fueron..

Tattoo Submission: Daniela (Milan, Italy)  - 


“The world is waiting for me” from the song Natives of Blink 182, my favourite band.

Tattoo Submission: Priscila (Brasil)  - 


I love cats. s2

Tattoo Submission: Eva (Connecticut)  - 


“I believe that love is a powerful thing the feeling deep within and if you believe in love free up your mind, let it flow within”
It’s about remembering the first time I fell in love and trying to learn to love myself. They are lyrics for a Busy Signal song (reggae)
Santos Dumont