Tattoo Submission: Marie-Charlotte (Strasbourg, France)

My tattoo


Amour (love, in french) : my second tattoo, Rêve (dream, in french) : my fourth tattoo. I only have words tattooed on me.
Here, on my ribs, two words I like and inspire me in my life ; love everything and everyone you want to and dream as much as possible.

Tattoo Submission: Gelareh (Tehran, Iran)



It means ” Im drunk with wine of Love” in persian

Tattoo Submission: Vera (Venlo, The Netherlands)



This tattoo means a lot to me. I got this one for my grandma, who passed by this year because of cancer. It is written in Latin. Aeternum Vale means Farewell Forever. With this tattoo she will always stay with me.

Tattoo Submission: Isabella (Cologne, Germany)



A tribute to the bracelet my cousin gave me 5 years ago. It reminds me of my family and how important they are to me