Tattoo Submission: Giovany L (Rome)

My tattoo


for my sisters !! love them

Tattoo Submission: Ghida (Beirut)

My tattoo


I actually got the inspiration for this tattoo from one posted on this blog. “If there are no ups and downs in your life, it means you’re dead”
i got it on my left wrist because the main vein is there and the heart is on the left. :)

Tattoo Submission: Marie-Charlotte (Strasbourg, France)

My tattoo


Amour (love, in french) : my second tattoo, Rêve (dream, in french) : my fourth tattoo. I only have words tattooed on me.
Here, on my ribs, two words I like and inspire me in my life ; love everything and everyone you want to and dream as much as possible.