Tattoo Submission: Martina (Germany)



Elephant in morse code

Something Different.

My tattoo

Tattoo - 19. maj 2013 (13)

Amalie S (Næstved, DK)
My dream is to become a photographer. I’ve been wanting a photography-related tattoo but I didn’t want just a random camera tattooed so this happend. A photo is a moment captured forever. A moment you see through you eye. Memories captured. So i dicited to get this tattoo. You go analyse it.




Marie (Vienna)
I tend to listen to my heart instead of listening to my head. Foxes are clever animals that trust their instincts and my geometric fox head should remind me of that everyday.

Carpe Diem.

My tattoo


Source: Jesica (Mexico)
“Wanted it since a long time ago finally found a great tattoo artist who did it perfect! I absolutely love it”
Font: My handwriting

The Fighter.



source: Samantha (New Zealand)

“…but the fighter still remains” – a quote taken from The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel. The type is my own hand writing, and deliberately styled in a way to look like it was written with ink and quill.