Tattoo Submission: Sara (Seven Hills, Ohio)  - 


This tattoo was made for my dad who passed away. He was born in raised in New Hampshire and always believed in their state motto. It later resulted in his passing, but he lived his life to the fullest with no regrets.

Tattoo Submission: Anaïs (Dijon, France)  - 

 It is a representation of the first work of the movement suprematisme of Kasimir Malévitch “White on White”.  It represents the infinity, a reality beyond any shape. 

Tattoo Submission: Amanda D (Brazil)  - 

Wrists.  - 





Eva (México) “A cross, not as a religious symbol, as a symbol of faith in me and what I do, and the people who support me.”

Antonella (Italy) “This is my first tattoo, 6 birds representing my family: my dad and my granmother -sadly passed away- my mom, my brother and my two nephews. Birds connecting heaven and (h)earth.”

Varja (Skopje) “The anchor represents my passion for traveling and my wish to eventually settle (cast my anchor) once I find the perfect place/person.”

Tattoo Submission: Jessica (Sao Paulo, Brazil)  - 

teatro tattoo

‘This is my second tattoo, the greek theater masks that have such a great meaning in my life. Theater saved me from big depression, and today I love what I do, I love being an actress and I can’t think what would make me happier than this!’