Tattoo Submission: Anne-Sofie (Denmark)


Foto 79

“This is my first tattoo. I got it last saturday.  It stands for protection and is part of several religions.  I’m not religious though, but i like what it stands for and i love the look.”

Tattoo Submission: Marisse T (Philippines)

My tattoo

This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for my soul hebrews 6:9. This anchor reminds me to always have hope.







Sophie (Jönköping, Sweden)

Franziska (Magdeburg) “My parents <3″

madeleine (Mariehamn) “Life can be hard sometimes, but always remember to make the best of the situation.”

Tattoo Submission: Hanna (Gothenburg, Sweden)


” I saw this tattoo on Erin Wasson and I just fell in love with it so I had to do it. So happy I did!”

Tattoo Submission: Nicole (Copenhagen)



These words describes two major sides of me. I’m a girl who worries about the people I love and the choices I make. I have most of my life been met with big challenges and I’m proud to say that I have fought my way through. It’s a reminder to always fight and never stop caring.
My own handwritning