Tattoo Submission: Samantha (Mexico)  - 


“Lotus flower.. this was my first tattoo .. “be like the lotus, untouched by the filthy water it grows in””

Tattoo Submission: Mariana (Brazil)  - 


“When I was a little girI I had three beautiful birds and one of them flew away…”

Arms.  - 





Anna (Hamburg) “This is my first tattoo and it represents the way I want to live my life. aujourd’hui means today. And thats it! We live today, and we should never take the good things for granted. It reminds me to live every day to its fullest.”

Alice (Paris) “Le temps qui passe — avant bras. Le tout et le rien — intérieur bras”

Anne (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands) “These five little swallows represent my love for freedom but at the same time the faith to always return home. Besides, whatever happens, they’re always on their way to something. Life continues, no matter what.”

Tattoo Submission: Romain (Bordeaux, France)  - 


“Few months ago my dad passed away. I miss him, more than everything.”

Tattoo Submission: Hannah (London)  - 


“These are my arm tattoos. I have the words ‘run deep and run wild’ on my arm followed by the outline of a dove, Roman numerals to remind me of the date I met my Fiancé, the line from my favourite poem wrapped around my wrist for my mum, and a heart on my other wrist.”