Tattoo Submission: Vienna (Los Angeles)  - 


My name is Vienna and I thought it was appropriate to get the coordinates to the beautiful city I was named after for my birthday. When I was younger, I used to think that I was the oddball with the unusual name, but as I grew up I have come to terms to love my name and myself and everything I am.

Tattoo Submission: Sarah (London)  - 


Roman Numeral.  - 

roman numeral tattooroman numeral tattoo 2 roman numeral tattoo 3

unknown, Laura (France), @hayleejreis_ (Cambridge Ontario, Canada)

Numbers.  - 

number tattoo 3

number tattoo 2  number tattoo

anonymous, Anna (Sweden), freepeople

Tattoo Submission: Amalie (Lundstad)  - 


Instagram @amalieeleaolin
Time of my life. Coordinates to a villa I lived in when I was a student. Bali, Indonesia (villa praditya)