Tattoo Submission: Caroline (Kristianstad, Sweden)  - 

image25When life’s trying to f**k you up, don’t give up

Tattoo Submission: Tina (Austria)  - 

image21Cover up my best friend drew for me, linked to dante Alighieri and my love for anatomy

Tattoo Submission: Fernanda (Mexico)  - 

tattoo1My tattoo reads “heaven’s got a plan for you” (from the SHM song) in my handwriting. I got it mirrored so I could actually read it, as I got it as a reminder for myself that everything happens for a reason.

Ribs.  - 




Felicia (Stockholm)
This tattoo is a reminder to always fight and never give up.

Mette (Skive, Denmark)
This tattoo is a symbol of that our lifes are precious, and we should live it when we have it.

Gabrielle (Poland)
It’s the sentence which I try to follow in my life

Ribs.  - 

emailsilvi.k@hotmail.deFoto4699 - Kopie


Silvija K (Germany)

Stephanie W (Sweden)