Tattoo Submission: Emma (Finland)



“Focus all your strength to hold on who you love.”

Tattoo Submission: Miriam (Heidelberg)



“I would rather be ashes than dust!”
It’s the Jack London Credo. For me this philosophy of life is highly inspiring. It reminds us we are ash and to ash we shall return. But to be ash, we have to be a fire first, an inferno of life, a blazing star thats lighting up our world.

Tattoo Submission: Erica (Montreal)



An intricate mandala accompanied by an outline of a rose to symbolize wholeness, balance and new beginnings. The Om symbol represents an infinitely open mind, which I always try to have.

Done by Maxime at Mauve Montreal 

Tattoo Submission: Mathilda (Gothenburg)


image13This is for Michael, my grandmother, my aunt and for equality. I never want to stop trying to make the world a better place, and this tattoo is a reminder of that.