Tattoo Submission: Amy @amytaang (San Francisco)  - 


They are actually two separate tattoos. The laurel wreath with the little bird perched on it was inspired by one of my favorite songs by Bright Eyes. Below that, “ad Astra”, in Latin translates to “to the stars”, which is a tribute to my grandfather.

Tattoo Submission: Patrícia (Lisbon)  - 

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Literally translated from Portuguese it would be something llike “you are home”, to me it means something along home is where you heart is, where the people that you love are. To me my home is my family.
I typed my tattoo on my grandfathers typewriter which makes it even more special.

Tattoo Submission: Helena (Pajala)  - 


A small tribute to J. Cole.
Instagram; hellegustaf

Tattoo Submission: Ines (Barcelona)  - 


This is Ursa Minor, and represents all those night my fatjer and I spent looking throgh the telescope on my childhood. It also represents all those persones i’ve lost, that are now with the stars.

Tattoo Submission: Annie Lindgren (Hudiksvall, Sweden)  - 


Got this about a week ago. Stands for me and my sister who has always been there for me! And we love elephants obviously…