Wednesday Randoms.  - 

wednesday random tattoo wednesday random tattoo 2 wednesday random tattoo 3

unknown, unknown, source

Succulents.  - 

succulent tattoo succulent tattoo 2 succulent tattoo 3

unknown, unknown, Scotia

Eyes.  - 

eye tattoo 3eye tattoo eye tattoo 2Pernilla Ackerfors (Sydney), unknown, The Shiny Squirrel

Thursday Randoms.  - 

Thursday random tattoo Thursday random tattoo 2 Thursday random tattoo 3

sv-a, Bambi, unknown

Palm Tree.  - 

palm tree tattoo 3palm tree tattoo palm tree tattoo 2

Valeria (Amriswil, Switzerland) @valeriabentele, glitter and the girls, Amelia (Cartagena)