Wolf.  - 

bad wolf

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Tuesday Randoms.  - 




Julia (Milan)
My wrist tattoo next to my friend’s arm tattoo. Done at Neroink in Milan that same day.

Ebba (Sweden)

Frida (Norway)
I took this in memory of my grandpa. It reminds me to always live my life and be happy, even in the end.

Mountains.  - 

mountain tattoo 3mountain tattoo 2  mountain tattoo

coffeeinthemountains, pLouisalouisalou, Xandra

Wednesday Randoms.  - 

wednesday random wednesday randoms 2 wednesday randoms 3

one, two

Malin (Gothenburg)
“Christian’s my brother. He’s kind of a lost soul and the reason that I am who I am.”

Moons.  - 

 moon tattoo 3 moon tattoo

moon tattoo 2

one, two, three