Bows.  - 



source: Bryony (Oxygen Models), Leire (Brighton), Natasa (Athens)

Monday Randoms.  - 


Bildschirmfoto 2013-05-03 um 09.05.37


source: Freja (Copenhagen), Alina (Frankfurt), Anna (Aarhus)

Mother’s Day.  - 

pépée tatouage

Julie S (Nimes, France):
My wonderful grand mother, forever with me !


Romain (Bordeaux, France):
I live in France but i was born at Reunion Island, 2 years ago my mother left me to go back to the island. She left me a letter with this sentence “You made an indelible imprint on my heart”. Her own writing and words under my skin.

DSC07468 Kopie

Mareen (Mönchengladbach):
A heartbeat and the signature of my mother. It stands for my mom. love her so much. and she always stood by my side and will always be there.

Collage.  - 

source: Seowon (Toronto, Canada)

– ampersand with wings on either side and the symbol Æ. Denotes ‘And’ and ‘End’. This image was a symbol for a South Korean rocker named Seo Taiji.
– 3 birds flying away and the word “auspicious”
– an empty bird cage and “beautiful”. My name, when deciphered in ancient Chinese characters, means auspicious (seo) and beautiful (won).
– 23 waterdrops forming the shape of an infinity sign. This was the album art for Seo Taiji’s 8th album in 2008. (The tattoo was exquisitely done by Eugene of Borrowed Rice Tattoos.)

Social Media.  - 

Hi guys!
It’s taken me a while but Tattoologist is now fully on board with social media!