Anja Konstantinova  - 

One of my favourite models Anja Konstantinova by Terry Richardson. Found on Terry’s Diary.

Best of 2012 (Part 2)  - 

Jennifer T (Stockholm)

“Min tatuering som min bästa kompis Johanna Nyberg ritat.  Älskar den.”

Maja K

Ada (Norway)

“Sailors believed that a compass rose tattoo would bring them good luck and ensure that they made it back to shore alive. Considering the rough lives these sailors endured, with unpredictable seas, malnutrition and other hazards, some luck was needed indeed.”
When I’m sailing the roughest seas I need some luck to make it through.
Emily (San Diego)
Native american Crow for my mother who taught me about the intelligence and uniqueness of every being, especially the crow.
Yamile A (Chubut, Argentina)
“My second tattoo, a wolf representing the clan, and union protection of my family. No matter what fate might bring, this wolf will always remind me who I am and where I come from.”
Therese (Sweden)
Amy C
my sister and I got tattoos together. The quote “soror mea, amica mea” means my sister, my friend in Latin. So, we split it up between the 2 of us.
tattoo match
Me and my boyfriend got matching tattoos – Eternal love.
my tat bitches
Al V (Chicago)
My tattoo. Look closely.
Murielle L (Switzerland)

Best of 2012 (Part 1)  - 

Here it is! Best of 2012! You can imagine that choosing the best of 2012 would be impossible, so I went with the tattoos with the most facebook likes. So in no particular order, this is the best of 2012 voted by you guys!


Sara L (Vila Real)

“Always keep love close to your heart.”


Aryane L (Fortaleza, Brazil)

“It means that family will always come first. I did with my mom, aunt and my cousin.”

Anouk K. (Belgium)

Faith T


Lara (Bern)

“Find what you’re not looking for.”


Carin (Stockholm)
“Flying free, but my friends and family keep me safe and anchored.”

IMG_4546 - copia

Paola (Spain)

“Mi vida,un corazon sin terminar. My life, a heart without end.”

maja taattttooo

Maja (Stockholm)

“Tro hopp kärlek.”



“This is only half-finsihed. It’s going to be a marine-food chain (a simple one) when it’s done.
So far, it’s only phytoplankton (a dinoflagellate & a diatom) and one type of zooplankton (a copepod), representing the first two tropic levels.” (I’m a marine biologist)


Mandy-Elaine (Hannover, Germany)

“I have lost my hair and my childhood but i never lose my courage.”

Tuesday Randoms.  - 

source: Alisi C, Vera, Sophy

Happy New Year everyone!

Merry Christmas!  - 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you get to spend it with your loved ones!