Words.  - 

word tattoo word tattoo 2 word tattoo 3

Sabrina W, Fanny (Norway), unknown

Lana Del Rey.  - 

lana del rey tattoo 2lana del rey tattoo 3

Tattoo Submission: Kristine Morgan (Los Angeles)  - 


I currently have 25 tattoos, all text, and I’m finally happy with how they’re filling in. Many are quotes from literature, conceptual art, music, films, or things that have been said in my life. I keep all my memories and moments on my skin, a tangible, walking museum of words from my lifetime.

Gold.  - 

gold tattoo gold tattoo 2 gold tattoo 3

Florina, Mila (Denmark) instagram.com/mila.lam, Amy

Margaux Lonnberg.  - 

Margaux Lonnberg tattoo Margaux Lonnberg tattoo 2 Margaux Lonnberg tattoo 3