Tattoo Submission: Jennifer Eriksson (Skellefteå)  - 


Lyrics by my idol, bon iver. This is from his song Re:stacks. It means a lot.

Tattoo Submission: Sheriden (Atlanta)  - 


I’ve always been a lover of words and take pride in my ability to sometimes create something beautiful out of them and wanted to do the same on my skin.  – @indiebyline

Words.  - 

word tattoo 7  word tattoo 2word tattoo 9

unknown, Miley Cyrus, Jasmine (Sweden)

Lyrics.  - 

lyrics tattoo 2 lyrics tattoo 3lyrics tattoo 5

Elisa (Italy), Estefania P (Medellín/Colombia), Charlotte B

Love.  - 

love tattoo 5 love tattoo 2 love tattoo

Shannon Egan, Torill (Norway), stylesight