Tattoo Submission: Melissa (Guayaquil)  - 


A constantly remember of what I want from the people, and from myself.
Photo taken by @krysthellganin

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Coldplay.  - 

coldplay tattoo coldplay tattoo 2coldplay tattoo 3

Elisa (Italy), Carolin (Germany), Anna (Sweden)

Tattoo Submission: Lucy Frisch (Oslo)  - 


Koselig is a Norwegian word that describes an atmosphere that makes you feel a sense of warmth very deep inside. It’s the epitome of simplicity and comfort. My tattoo is written in the hand of my grandmother, the woman who defines koselig for me.

Monday Randoms.  - 

monday random tattoo monday random tattoo 3monday random tattoo 2

unknown, Alice (Czech Republic) “This too shall pass” in Czech, Melissa P

Tattoo Submission: Michelle Cella (Italy)  - 

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My tattoo reppresent what I feel when I dance, it’s like a drug, like heroine.

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