Tattoo Submission: Kwandell (Boston)  - 

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When my bestfriend and I met it was like we’ve known each other since then we’ve been inseparable for the last 10 years. We feel like we’re each others soulmates and have so much love for eachother that we wanted to get King & Queen of Heart matching tattoos.

Tattoo Submission: Ann (Berlin)  - 


Getting a couple tattoo is being frowned upon by so many. Being rational, we picked a motive that can stand alone, but to us, is a perfect match.

Tattoo Submission: Melissa (Guayaquil)  - 


A constantly remember of what I want from the people, and from myself.
Photo taken by @krysthellganin

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Happiness.  - 

happiness tattoo 7happiness tattoo 2 happiness tattoo 3

Tuula Vintage, M&S (Barcelona), Lena (Berlin)

Wrists.  - 

wrist wrist tattoo wrist tattoo 2

unknown, Kajsa (Västerås, Sweden), Andrew Paul