Best Tattoologist Interview: Jess Hannah  - 

The best tattoologist interview of 2015 was the one we did in October with the multi talented Jess Hannah! Read it again below:

Jess Hannah is a 21st century fine jewellery designer, not only does she balance making her own namesake jewellery (that should be on everyone’s Christmas wish list) but she also runs a successful blog.

Her blog and Instagram is at the top of my favourites list. Whilst other bloggers are running around in 5inch heels and clothes we would only expect to see in a magazine editorial, Jess wears luxe casual outfits we wish we were wearing.

When we were offered the chance to feature her on our Tattoo Spotlight we jumped at the chance! Scroll down to read her tattoo description in her own words.

Instagram: @jess_hannah


Hamsa on my left inner arm – I’m Jewish- not very religious at all but culturally it means a lot to me and I love the symbolism of the hamsa.

Little roman numeral 3 on my left arm– My boyfriend and I both got matching ones, it represents an inside joke we have with eachother. I could try to explain it but it’s kind of a ‘had to be there’ kind of thing.

Periodic Symbol for gold on right arm– I’m a jewelry designer/metalsmith and love gold of course!



Tattoo Artist: Olga Nekrasova  - 

olga-nekrasova-tattoo-2olga-nekrasova-tattoo-3  fflowerporn-tattoo

Tattoo Submission: Samantha Arrow (New Haven CT)  - 


Half Mandala, with a draping crescent moon. By @tattootemple on @samanthaarrow.

Thursday Randoms.  - 

thursday-random-tattoothursday-random-tattoo-2 thursday-random-tattoo-3

unknown, @elena_ramirezDrops of Jupiter