Harry Potter.  - 

harry potter tattoo harry potter tattoo 2 harry potter tattoo 3

Charmaine Olivia, Emelie (Sweden), Maiara (Criciúma/SC-Brazil)

Tattoo Submission: Anna Birch  - 


Saudades is a word in Portuguese that has no direct translation. It describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic longing for an absent something or someone that is loved. Often it carries the knowledge that the object of longing might never return.
I got it on my exchange in Brazil, my second home.

Arms.  - 

arm tattoo arm tattoo 2 arm tattoo 2 3

Emelie (Norrköping), Victor J WebsterMerel

How Tattoologist’s Instagram Grew To 97.2K Followers  - 

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Any blogger will tell you that using social media is one of the most important things to help you grow and maintain your blog readership. Instagram is probably one of the most important social media around. It has not only helped me to keep connected to Tattoologist readers, but it has also helped me to reach out to people’s who haven’t come across the blog before.

Consistence is key
Post regularly! I tend to post two times a day. It not only reminds your followers that your account exists amongst the other hundreds of other accounts that they follow, but it increases your chance of your follower liking your picture so much that they mention a friend in the comments and shares it with them.

Use tools that will help you with your posts. Use VSCOCam for adjusting your images and use Latergramme to help you schedule your Instagram posts if you want to Instagram in advance and ensure that your posting regularly.

Stick to a subject
The easiest way to get people to follow your account and continue to is to stick to a subject. ‘Fashion’ is quite a broad subject, try to make your subject more niche. Instead of ‘fashion’ a more niche subject could be ‘from where i stand’, another could be ‘flat lays’. Try to stick to 3-4 niche subjects.

Instagram is a community
Instagram is the best way to communicate with others. Answer questions if you’re asked, followers like it when they know they’ll get a response.

Tagging does help!
I have posted quite a few tattoos that I’ve come across because they’ve tagged Tattoologist in their image.

It takes time, be patient
Even with the help of the blog, it has taken me more than two years to get to this point. The important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing because it’s not going to happen overnight!

Erin Wasson.  - 

erin wasson tattoo