Tattoo Submission: Tiphany (Nice, France)  - 


I did my tatoo the 13 december, I drew myself the tatoo and after the tatooer improved it
it signifie for me the way to always believe in my dreams and realize them

Origami.  - 

origami tattoo 3

origami tattoo 2

origami tattoo

catwuvpowa, lemonylumena, nyulszar

Monday Randoms.  - 

monday random tattoo

monday random

monday random 2

unknown,  Megan (Los Angeles), Wilma (Örebro)

Tattoo Submission: Jesse (Indonesia)  - 

Processed with VSCOcam

A quote by Abraham Lincoln that holds me through every struggles i’ve had

Flowers.  - 

flower tattoo

flower tattoo 2

flower tattoo 3

two, Ebba (Sweden), Yzelle D (Viña Del Mar)