Lines.  - 

line tattoo 3line tattoo 2line tattoo

Josefine Cramer, unknown, waterandwool

Constellation.  - 

constellation constellation tattoo 2 constellation tattoo 3

slainmejifolie, unknown, Marta (Verona)

Tattoo Submission: Sara (Mexico City)  - 


When I finished high school, the school asked parents to write us a letter; my parents wrote me a passage from “The Little Prince”. When I got home and asked my mom why, she replied: “It was your dad´s idea, it was the first book we read as family.”
They both were born on 1960.

Thursday Randoms.  - 

thursday random thursday random 2 thursday random 3

Emanuela (Imperia, Italy), JTMTNYoanabefort

Whales.  - 

whale tattoo 2whale tattoo  whale tattoo 3

source, Viktoria (Berlin), Erika (Stockholm)