Be Brave.  - 


brave tattoo

brave tattoo 2

Karoline (Trondheim, Norway)
i have now in almost three years fought a battle against depression and anorexia. this spring i want to get healthy and free from ED. with ink on my arm i’ll always remember to be brave. to always have faith in myself. to never give up.


Tattoo Submission: Vero (Buenos Aires)  - 


Unending time

Flowers.  - 

flower tattoo 2

flower tatto

flower tattoo 3

source, Emilia www.nollfemnolltva.blogg.seCandi Mandi

Arrows.  - 

arrow tattoo 2

arrow tattoo 3

arrow tattoo

Klaudia, Lina (Halmstad, Sweden), Samantha

Tattoo Submission: Alexandra Sabrina (Vienna)  - 


I decided to get a world map as my second tattoo because I absolutely love traveling and it’s a blessing
to be able to see the world.
I’m also thinking about marking all the cities / countries I’ve been to. :-)