Symbols.  - 

symbol tattoo

symbol tattoo 2

symbol tattoo 3

unknown, Mille A., JTMTNY

Tattoo Submission: Karine (Montreal)  - 


The tattoo says *one day* , I did it to remind me that one day I will accomplish everything I want and that I should never give up. One day everything is going to be good.

Thursday Randoms.  - 

thursday random tattoo

thursday random tattoo 2

thursday random tattoo 3

unknown, unknown, Cara Delevingne

Legs.  - 

leg tattoo 2

leg tattoo 3

leg tattoo

Thea Eriksson, source, m-i-s-o

Deers.  - 

deer tattoo 3

deer tattoo 2

  deer tattoo

Ashlee, ta1989, Sunny (Buenos Aires)