Love is enough.  - 

love is enough tattoo 3

love is enough tattoo

love is enough tattoo 2

beauty to infinity, unknown, Torill (Norway)

Tattoo Submission: Moa (Gothenburg)  - 

london tattoo

“Little london”, is a tribute to the love of my life: my city Gothenburg.

Feathers.  - 

feather tattoo

feather tattoo 2

feather tattoo 4

Emma Ostergren, Julia (Sverige), Christine S (Los Angeles)

Chest.  - 

chest tattoo 2

chest tattoo 3

chest tattoo

unknown, Miso, Julia Mc Loughlin (Kalmar, Sweden)

Tattoo Submission: Kathryn (Oakland, CA)  - 


moved around the states a bit, but always an Oregonian