White Ink.  - 

white ink tattoo 2 white ink tattoo 3 white ink tattoo

Kaayink, Kristen Zumot, Faith T

Tattoo Submission: Line (Holstebro, Danmark)  - 


My mom i sick(cancer) and I wanted to show her my love. But everyone has a heart tattooed, so i decided to write it instead. The hears also symbolize my love to my friends and family.

Fingers.  - 

finger tattoo 2 finger tattoo 3 finger tattoo

unknown, Louise B. (France), invisuscaelum

Bon Iver.  - 

bon iver tattoobon iver tattoo 2 bon iver tattoo 3

Charlotte, Hannah Wilson, unknown

Tattoo Submission: Melissa (Charlotte)  - 


“Chosen” in white ink. Nothing is by chance. You were chosen.