Travels.  - 

travel tattoo 2

travel tattoo  3

travel tattoo

Victoria (Växjö), Charlotte (London), Lizzie Manning (Denver)

Adipocere Embroidery  - 

hand tattoo

White Ink.  - 

white ink tattoo
white ink tattoo 2 white ink tattoo 3

Brianna, Melissa (Charlotte), Alice B

Tattoo Submission: Alex (Vienna)  - 


A simple reminder that you have to work for what you strive for regardless any obstacles.

Tattoo Submission: Samantha (Madison)  - 


My first tattoo, a lotus. It reminds me not to be afraid to be startled, to explore this world to it’s farthest corners, and to never stop trying to be the person I choose to be. It reminds me that it is never to late to scrap the whole damn thing and start all over again.