World.  - 

world map tattoo world map tattoo 2 world map tattoo 3

Martyna (Warsaw), unknown, unknown

Tattoo Submission: Amy @amytaang (San Francisco)  - 


They are actually two separate tattoos. The laurel wreath with the little bird perched on it was inspired by one of my favorite songs by Bright Eyes. Below that, “ad Astra”, in Latin translates to “to the stars”, which is a tribute to my grandfather.

Shell.  - 

shell tattoo 3shell tattoo shell tattoo 2

Paige, Emilia (Gothenburg) @emiliaesser, Jacqui (Perth)

Rabbit.  - 

rabbit tattoo rabbit tattoo 2 rabbit tattoo 3

unknown, Alice (Fortaleza, Brazil), Taru from Fashion Hegemony