Tattoo Submission: Sabine Vermeij (Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands)  - 


My newest tattoo, the butterfly!
I see myself as one because I feel like i’ve finally left my cocoon.
I am satisfied with myself, I’m as beautiful as a butterfly.

Words.  - 

word tattoo
word tattoo 2 word tattoo 3

source, unknown, Sabrina (Copenhagen) @s.stoettrup

Monday Randoms.  - 

monday randoms
monday random tattoo 2 monday random tattoo 3

unknown, @elena_ramirez, Drops of Jupiter

Tattoo Submission: Bree Sarrazijn (Kolsijde)  - 


This tattoo reminds me of my feminism, a strong independant woman. ‘She flies with her own wings’

Hands.  - 

hand tattoo
hand tattoo 2 hand tattoo 3

The Goodrich Wife, Lana Del Rey, one