Sides.  - 

rib tattooside tattoo 2 side tattoo

unknown, Laura Reuss (Germany, Berlin)Sara (Sweden)

Wednesday Randoms.  - 

model tattoo model tattoo 2model tattoo 3

Erin Wasson, Freja, Sunni O

Tattoo Submission: Viktoria (London)  - 


A couple of my tattoos. I’ve got a few more but the tight tattoo is my newest. Done by Andrew from I am vagabond in London. It is swedish and it means ‘ always believe something wonderful is about to happen’

Arms.  - 




Adriana (BH, Brazil), Mylene (France), Sandra (Ängelholm)

Feet.  - 

feet tattoo

feet tattoo 2

feet tattoo 3

unknown, Kaary (Estonia), Elle (Cornwall, UK)