Tattoo Submission: Matilda Eriksson (Malung)  - 


My idol, Brad Paisley, said these words at his first concert in Sweden and I loved it. So now they’re on my left arm, next to my heart, forever. (Instagram: harsmatilda)

Constellations.  - 

constellation tattooconstellation tattoo 2 constellation tattoo 3

unexploredgirl, Ivy & Twine, Anette (Norway)

Model: Erin Wasson  - 

erin wasson tattooerin wasson tattoo 2 erin wasson tattoo 3

Tattoo Submission: Sâmia (Brasil)  - 


I was told that an arrow are supposed to go for your destiny. Four arrows for things i wish, for things i am meant.

Sides.  - 

side tattoo 2

side tattoo 3side tattoo

Victoria (Brooklyn, NY), Sorina (Bucharest), Zoe (Fl) “Even as we age we still remain timeless at heart.”