Tattoo Submission: RosaMarleneWien (Vienna)  - 


All my tattoos stand for a important person I lost in my life.
My way to life, for example are the handwriting of my two most important man in life. My granddad & dad. I mixed the words of there writin, to the sentence & let birds come out of, to let go the pain and be free in mind again

Tattoo artist: Dr.Woo  - 

dr woo tattoo dr woo tattoo 2 dr woo tattoo 3

Mandala  - 

mandala tattoo mandala tattoo 2 mandala tattoo 3

Cagla, unknown, Ronja (Berlin)

Tattoo Submission: Lucia Ortner (Los Angeles)  - 


The Never Ending Story was a very influential movie on my childhood and this AURYN was used to guide and protect Atreyu on his journey. I feel it provides the same for me, and the amazing detail done by the artist makes me proud to sport this amazing tattoo.

Tattoo Artist: Silo  - 

tattoo artist Silo tattoo artist Silo 2 tattoo artist Silo 3