Friday Randoms.


random tattoorandom tattoo 2 random tattoo 3

Dave (Marburg), Evelina (Karlskoga, Sweden), Alice Carrier




side tattoo side tattoo 3

side tattoo 2

Kendra, Jeannine, pAnshka

[Blogging Post] Tips On How To Start A Successful Blog


New Post on Six Tips On How To Start A Successful Blog


(in case you missed the previous post - Five Tips on How To Grow Your Blog)



Tattoo Submission: Anisa (Berkeley, CA)



I’ve been think about getting a new tattoo for months and just needed that certain push. One random Sunday, after a few mimosas, my friend and I wandered into a tattoo shop and I came out with a Jack London quote that says “I would rather be ashes than dust.” I love it and I love the spontaneity.

Behind Ear.


behind ear tattoobehind ear tattoo 2 behind ear tattoo 3

Frida (Gothenburg), Sara, Alice (Ljunghusen, Sverige)