White Ink Waves.

White Ink

white wave

white ink wave

Regan S, Anja (Copenhagen)

Tattoo Submission: Miriam (Heidelberg)



“I would rather be ashes than dust!”
It’s the Jack London Credo. For me this philosophy of life is highly inspiring. It reminds us we are ash and to ash we shall return. But to be ash, we have to be a fire first, an inferno of life, a blazing star thats lighting up our world.

Model: Katlin Aas


kaitlin ass tattoo

Katlin Aas by David Roemer for Numero Russia



constellation tattoo

constellation tattoo 3

constellation tattoo 2

Anette (Norway)
The thing I miss the most during summer is the stars in the night sky. I’ve always had a fascination for constellations, and especially the big dipper. Now I don’t have to miss it in the summer, I can see it on my arm.

Tawatha (Spain), Laura K (Ashland, OR)

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Tattoo Submission: Maria (Gdansk)



Eleanor Roosevelt once said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”