Tattoo Submission: Emilia Esser (Brooklyn, NY @emiliaesser)  - 

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Birds.  - 

bird tattoo 3 bird tattoo 2 bird tattoo

Mariah Anzil, Amy (San Francisco), unknown

Tattoo Submission: Francesca Romana (Rome)  - 

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The tattoo refers to Victor Hugo’s “Les Misérables” and how everyone, as in the book, can end their miserable condition by believing in something, as love, revolution, faith and so on.

Tattoo Submission: Sanna (Stockholm)  - 

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Okay so I have always kind of wanted to have a palmtreetattoo but I’ve never really dared to do it. But then I saw a girl with one similar to mine and though “yes! Let’s do it”
All tattoos doesn’t have to have a deeper meaning or secret message, sometimes tattoos are just art