Tattoo Submission: Christian (Mexico)  - 


So it is. things will happen as they are suppose to and in the right timing. Acceptance to the things I can’t change and change the ones I can.

Arms.  - 

arm tattoo

arm tattoo 3

arm tattoo 2

unknown, Jukavo, Tina M (Sønderborg)

Birds.  - 

bird tattoo

bird tattoo 2

bird tattoo 3

unknown, Maria (Norway), Thabata G Photography by Luiz Cunha

Monday Randoms.  - 

monday random 1

monday random 1b

monday random 1c

Clarke Tolton, Josefine Cramer, Ebba (Stockholm)

Necks.  - 

neck tattoo

neck tattoo 3

neck tattoo 4

mamie boude, Anja Konstantinova, Frida (Malmö)