Arms.  - 

arm tattoo arm tattoo 2arm tattoo 3

lentehita, Ana (Thun) @kuyca, Dr.Woo

Tattoo Submission: Kim (Toronto)  - 


I was suffering from panic attacks when I decided to get this tattoo. I chose lavender as a reminder to stay calm and grounded whenever my anxiety hits, because everything always works out in the end no matter how hopeless things seem in the moment. IG: kchamomilla; Artist: @jenniferlawes

Words.  - 

word tattoo word tattoo 2word tattoo 3

Katlin Aas by David Roemer for Numero Russia, Lara Bingle, Eileen (Aachen, Germany)

Thursday Randoms.  - 

thursday random tattoo 2thursday random tattoo 3  thursday random tattoo