Anatomical Heart.  - 

anatomical heart

Christopher Landin

Fearless.  - 

 feat tattoo 2fear tattoo

fear tattoo 3

 nh, Bleed for Fashion, Kimberley (Netherlands)

Deer.  - 

 deer tattoodeer tattoo 3

deer tattoo 3

Kelli, KylieAshlee

Tattoo Submission: Katya (Minsk)  - 


My inner pacifist, my four elements, my sleeping sun, my love of nature, my love for the Earth

Thursday Randoms.  - 




Dorothee (Paris)
Triangle / end of a chapter , beginning of a new one stronger foundation ever.,

Tina (Trondheim, Norway)
I’m such a nerd when it comes to the Harry Potter books and the movies, and I really felt that a tattoo which has so many memories and feelings, is worth taking. I’m a part of the Harry Potter generation too, and that is really cool!

Julia Mc Loughlin (Kalmar, Sweden)
My tattoo is about doing things with your heart. Show your love to everyone that you love and live in every moment and take care of every second that you have in life. Live with every heartbeat. Love with every heartbeat and fight with every heartbeat.